Annie Forest is a squashy-hearted bad ass who loves Chuck Taylors, tattoos and walking alongside people on their healing journey to strength. Specializing in the neurology and physiology of change, Annie works with humans suffering from chronic pain and with athletes of all shapes and sizes … anyone who is courageous enough to hope for strength and to love themselves at a deeper level.

A Strong First Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and ZHealth Practitioner, Annie has brought thousands of hours of coaching to clients and students across the country. In private sessions, she blends strength training and corrective exercise, neurological drills and life coaching tailored to meet each client’s needs. Her unique group coaching sessions and workshops are an energetic flow of education and practice designed to help each participant feel connected and empowered to make changes in their lives and bodies.

“Most people who have plateaued or are experiencing pain struggle to see themselves and their potential clearly. I don’t see it as much job to fix them. My role is a curious observer, an accurate mirror and a source of hope for them in the dark times. I’m there to hold accountability, celebrate each victory and make sure they have plenty of gym chalk available!"

It all comes down to three complementary and necessary pieces...

Upcoming Workshops


The Happy Gardener
Date: 4/28/2018 From: 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Because yard work doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck! (or knees...or lower back…)

Aching back? Sore knees? Tired of bending in weird ways to pull those snarly weeds?

This 90 minute class will teach you how to safely and comfortably sit on the ground, stand up when your hands are full, lift awkward things, put those things down, pull weeds, and more!

PLUS a bonus section on things you can do to keep your spine and knees happy through gardening season!


Do you frequently feel numb, looped in negative patterns or plateaued in your sport? Whether you need better deadlift mechanics, freedom from pain or just room to breathe in your daily life, the simple power of observation - without judgement - opens doors to massive reserves of untapped ability.


When was the last time you moved like you were five years old? We have this idea that workouts only count if you're miserable for at least part of it. But what if health was about pain-free living, stable and mobile joints, blasting through athletic plateaus with a smile and just goofing off and laughing? Join the fitness counter-culture. It's a lot more fun here.


Do you feel tired, cold or at the mercy of unpredictable mood or energy swings? Your metabolism is more than your ability to stay lean and it's connected to FAR more than your food intake! You can have healthy skin, regular energy levels, better sleep and a sense of wellbeing without the fat-shaming, diet-obsessed language we're so often subjected to.


Pain Science has evolved. We know now - more than ever - that pain does NOT mean injury and that treating the site of pain is often ineffective. When it comes to pain, we are integrated beings and your story matters as much as your body.


Strength is a learned skill that anyone can develop or refine! Learn safe, powerful techniques in barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and more to up your game for athletic goals or just being more awesome day to day.


This is a small group, personalized program combining education and application to help you break a negative cycle or create a new lifestyle habit. Eliminate self-sabotage and shame by working with your uniqueness!

Welcome to
Forest Studios


"...your optimism and positivity was immediately contagious. You always focused on being strong and aware of what your body COULD do not what it couldn't. This changed me in a way that I never imagined was possible."


"Thank you for all that you do for me! Your encouragement, belief and efforts to help me are very much appreciated..."


“Anne brings a truly unique mix of intelligence, humor, common sense and fun to the table. She knows strength work backwards and forwards..You will be well cared for and challenged to become your best, not someone else’s idea of your best.”
"I absolutely love working out with Annie! I was afraid to work out with a personal trainer as I didn't know if they would be able to manage my limitations of a chronic back issue, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! Anne is terrific about modifying exercises so they're safe for me to do. I also love that Anne is the type of trainer that is a super cheerleader for you and encourages you even as a beginner. I was self-conscious when we started out but quickly realized that Anne didn't expect me to be a muscled up version of a Barbie doll, which I really appreciated. She's passionate about what she does and loves making a workout fun, engaging and different every time so you'll always have something new to look forward to at each session. If you're looking for a personal trainer that will truly personalize a program for you no matter what your current level of fitness or limitations are, Anne is definitely the right choice! "


"Anne is an amazing trainer/coach! She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and working with kettlebells, and she always creates workouts that are challenging, but SUPER effective. I highly recommend training with Anne. You will not regret it!"

Colleen P.