Strength Training

Our approach to coaching is a little different...

We use a brain-body-heart approach to unconventional coaching that will allow you the freedom to grow as an athlete and as a human at your own pace. You'll always leave feeling better than when you walked in the door! Learn to play with:

  • Joint Mobility and Rehabilitation
  • Personalized Corrective Exercises
  • Alignment-Based and Vinyasa Yoga
  • Hardstyle Kettlebells
  • Brain-Based “Hacks” to get stronger and more flexible
  • Barbells, Bodyweight, Unconventional Tools and more!

  • If you're curious, committed and ready for answers, reach out today talk to you about your sport, playing with your grandkids, that thing you thought you'd never do or preparing for certification with the most elite kettlebell organizations in the world.