Pain Relief

Pain Science Has Evolved

We know now - more than ever - that pain does NOT mean injury and that treating the site of pain is often ineffective. When it comes to pain, we are integrated beings and your story matters as much as your body.

Our coaches work with sufferers of chronic pain - whether it presents as physical pain, anxiety or a sense of something "not being right" - using an integrated and systemic approach. In addition to addressing the site of acute or chronic pain, we help clients look deeply into their lives and experiences to heal from the ground up.

A few small eye movements can help alleviate years of chronic pain. Emotional healing can create a container for correcting long-term movement dysfunction. Many of our clients have seen deep restoration after years of fruitless and frustrating treatments, modalities and practitioners who failed to see them as a Whole, and instead treated acute issue after acute issue.

Client Experiences:

"You've had such a positive impact on my life and I am truly grateful for all of your knowledge, compassion and patience."
-Ann (Edgerton, WI)

"After years of the chronic hip pain (just in the activities of daily living), I was fortunate enough to come across Anne. I like that she meets me where I am at, we have fun, and I leave smiling and feeling better than when I walked in. I also really appreciate her remarkable knowledge-base, and that she takes the time to explain how and why I am doing something. She is not just an exceptional coach, she’s a great teacher and friend!"
-Katie (Madison, WI)

"I had already seen so many providers, I was almost scared to see another person about my pain....but I feel seen and heard as an individual. I’ve learned so much and I’m getting so strong! Most importantly, she’s helped me find joy again in being physically active."
-Kimbrin (Madison, WI)

"After extensive training for my first 70.3 Half Ironman in July of 2015, my head took a major beating. I become very dizzy, to the point where I couldn't even move onto my side or back. Frustrated with the same Q&A from the medical professionals, I reached out to Annie and got vision techniques to combat my vertigo. This year, I look forward to doing more endurance events and becoming a better athlete because of the knowledge I have to help keep my vertigo at bay!"
-Kristin (Middleton, WI)