Stress Means Change

A story about a client I love dearly: We’ll call her Jane for the sake of internet anonymity. Jane has been training with me for more than a year now. Jane is STRONG. Like. MAD STRONG. but under heavy load or volume, she panics. I can literally see the light go out of her eyes, replaced

Quick Kettlebell Workout

(Thank you so much for all the love yesterday. Today is a new day, fresh, with no ick in it…unless you count the chilly foggy rain.) Every Wednesday at 8:30 am CST, I lead a kettlebell swing class in the studio. Over the past few weeks, I’ve opened the class up on Google+ Hangouts for

Keep Walking.

When we lived in California, Brian and I went on a hike with a group out in the Redwoods. This proposed 9-10 mile hike took us a few miles to start because we couldn’t find the trail, then seemed to be progressing rather rapidly downhill. Literally. We were walking downhill. All in, we hiked more


I had a client nail her first handstand this week after 6+ months of determination, practice and patience (!!!! I cried a few happy tears over that one.) and a fellow teacher pop up again after months of healing an injury (go, friend, go!) I’m finally holding my feet off the wall for 10-20 seconds (Andrew

Selfcare Thursdays

I said it, so it’s a thing. (also: about Tuesday and Wednesday. Selfcare dictates not blogging after 10 pm after 12 hour workdays.) Today involved: 1. Me getting personally trained. (winning, by the way!!! You guys who hire me have it MADE.) I pulled a 185# Deadlift with no problem which makes my “200# pull

Do what you love…

and you’ll end up working a metric f*ck ton of extra hours.  I think the quote actually goes “and you’ll never work a day in your life” but I’m pretty sure the truth is much closer to my version. It’s funny … when passion latches onto your deep heart space, there’s really no end to the

Books I’m Reading

Hi. My name is Anne and I’m a binge reader. (I get to joke about this because I was also a binge eater.) “There are books you can fall into and pull over your head.” — Jo Walton, Among Others Oh man. When I’m having a bad day, I grab a latte at Steep and

The Care and Feeding of Anne

Got up this morning and (after checking my emails, Facebook, texts, Instagram and gray hair situation) curled up in my “tea and journaling spot” with Gracie to catch up on some self time. When we first moved to WI and I wasn’t working, I got up every morning and wrote, drank tea and took some

Deadlift Day Workout!

I’ve started to really love deadlift day. And given that there are at least two of those per week for me, that’s probably a good thing. My program is currently: Mon: KB Squats & TGU / Deadlift Practice + Pull Up Practice (5 x 5 MED) / HIIT Wed: Functional Training (SLDL, Push Up Variations, Single
(Is Michael Buble still a thing? Or is it Sam Church now? I’m so far behind I still think Josh Groban is a thing… ) My yoga playlists are a little bit off from the norm. I’m a huge fan of organic, earthy, deeply human music that feels like yoga. And yoga – to me