Take a Deep Breath (Out)

You are intrinsically wired to let go. But first! The science… When I was a relatively baby trainer, I was super blessed to work with patients who were coming out of a pulmonary rehabilitation program. These clients* had COPD, emphezyma, lung transplants and other chronic conditions that – literally – made it next to impossible for
I’ve been working on barbell cleans lately. Until recently a kettlebell purist, barbells have brought some serious kickassery into my life : novelty, challenge, strength and a really good crying jag. (If you haven’t met me, I consider crying jags bad ass.) I dove into to learning a new form of strength with the belief
Fall has come to Wisconsin. Ya’ll… I LOVE fall. Apple picking, pumpkins, pulling on a sweatshirt and drinking a hot cup of tea on the first cool morning. Those things are magical. But I spent most of 2014’s Wisconsin arboreal color show complaining about how much I hate winter. Dreading the first snow. Generally bitching and allowing

Stress Means Change

A story about a client I love dearly: We’ll call her Jane for the sake of internet anonymity. Jane has been training with me for more than a year now. Jane is STRONG. Like. MAD STRONG. but under heavy load or volume, she panics. I can literally see the light go out of her eyes, replaced

Quick Kettlebell Workout

(Thank you so much for all the love yesterday. Today is a new day, fresh, with no ick in it…unless you count the chilly foggy rain.) Every Wednesday at 8:30 am CST, I lead a kettlebell swing class in the studio. Over the past few weeks, I’ve opened the class up on Google+ Hangouts for

Keep Walking.

When we lived in California, Brian and I went on a hike with a group out in the Redwoods. This proposed 9-10 mile hike took us a few miles to start because we couldn’t find the trail, then seemed to be progressing rather rapidly downhill. Literally. We were walking downhill. All in, we hiked more


I had a client nail her first handstand this week after 6+ months of determination, practice and patience (!!!! I cried a few happy tears over that one.) and a fellow teacher pop up again after months of healing an injury (go, friend, go!) I’m finally holding my feet off the wall for 10-20 seconds (Andrew

Selfcare Thursdays

I said it, so it’s a thing. (also: about Tuesday and Wednesday. Selfcare dictates not blogging after 10 pm after 12 hour workdays.) Today involved: 1. Me getting personally trained. (winning, by the way!!! You guys who hire me have it MADE.) I pulled a 185# Deadlift with no problem which makes my “200# pull

Do what you love…

and you’ll end up working a metric f*ck ton of extra hours.  I think the quote actually goes “and you’ll never work a day in your life” but I’m pretty sure the truth is much closer to my version. It’s funny … when passion latches onto your deep heart space, there’s really no end to the

Books I’m Reading

Hi. My name is Anne and I’m a binge reader. (I get to joke about this because I was also a binge eater.) “There are books you can fall into and pull over your head.” — Jo Walton, Among Others Oh man. When I’m having a bad day, I grab a latte at Steep and