My wonderful clients come in frequently after a brief (or not-so-brief) strength training hiatus, frantic to get back in the groove and worried they will have “lost” something. I have the same worry at times: What if I took all that time to reach this goal…and now it’s gone? But I’m learning something about skill:

What is Coaching?

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the past few months talking about “what I do.” Because I’m not really a personal trainer. And I’m not really a yoga teacher. Not a physical therapist. And definitely not a “therapist.” … so here’s the short version: I help people who are hurting in many different ways

Deadlifts and Life: Grind or Snap?

Doing heavy deadlifts was a little goofy for me after spending so much time swinging heavy kettlebells. In a swing, it’s a snap! Literally. You snap your hips and BAM. Lift accomplished. In a barbell deadlift, it takes a bit more stick-to-itiveness. You have to dig in your heels, keep your chest up and stay
When I was learning to drive, my dad (a retired fighter pilot) would constantly remind me to make “small corrections.” If you ever watch a kid play Mario Kart, you get this. They’re ALL over the road making huge swings right to left, slamming on the brakes or gunning the engine. And – obviously –
This is a quick drill that I work into my press practice on a regular basis!! As I said in the video, this kind of work is what got me to my 24 kg press this past fall! Try each part of the groove for a 15-20 sec hold for 2-3 reps (e.g. rack, 45,

A quote for bad days.

So here’s a thing: my car won’t start, my phone died the morning I left town last week, the computer at my studio refused to turn on the night before I left, and a cancelled flight meant a packed 48 hour trip to NY before returning to staff meeting I had completely forgotten about. I’ve

Why Exercise Benefits Your Heart

No fewer than three friends have told me that kettlebells saved their lives. Their hearts had become so heavy that only learning to lift something heavier could ease the burden. I’ve heard stories of yoga pulling beautiful humans back from the brink of despair. Of dance saving relationships. Of running creating a safe space for

What’s in a (Brand) Name?

A little behind-the-scenes look at my life lately today. I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to put a name tag on what I do and who I am as an athlete and human: Annie, Anne, Strength Coach, (somewhat rebellious) Yogi, Strong First, Z Health Practitioner, Body Positive Advocate, In recovery, Athlete, Trainer, Reluctant but Earnest Business Owner, Wife, Dog mom


Despite my ardent preaching against the evil messages of the media and the disgusting obsession of the fitness industry with the “get lean quick!” … I found myself driving into work yesterday pondering the merits of the gallon of water challenge, detox tea and copious amounts of kettlebell swings. We’re going to Mexico this week

Fall Yoga 2015 Playlist

I recently took a sabbatical from teaching yoga.  I took a break because I got frustrated with teaching and with practicing yoga. My heart has been in a bit of weird place lately… and I’m going to admit to thinking things that you don’t hear yoga teachers say (out loud): The gist of it was