We all have these deep dark secrets that contradict everything we show to those around us.  Mine: I don’t hate winter. I have bitched and moaned and complained about winter VERY loudly on social media and to anyone that will listen to me bitch and moan… I moved from California screaming and kicking and holding

Take a G#/@!mn Vacation, Already!

I’ve always been a really fucking responsible human being. A few ill-advised frat party appearances in college aside, I make pretty damn adult decisions. I got straight A’s until college and have just one B and one C* (please read that footnote) on my undergrad transcript. Before I hit 24, I had worked on Capitol

i see you. can you see me?

what if we all wore signs around our necks? “the thought of asking for what i need completely cripples me.” we told those around us what we fear the most. “i worry that I don’t matter.” we were transparent about the things that make up our darkness. “i’m afraid you’ll shove me away if you

Being a Vulnerable Coach

I posted this on my professional Facebook page last night and after a little bit of contemplation, decided to share it on my personal page. The response was pretty overwhelming. I thought clients needed to hear it. I thought that the people who come to us for help needed to know that health professionals struggle
Hook: there are a couple recipes at the end of this blog. I’ve been subsisting on a rather dubious diet of coffee, cottage cheese and baby carrots lately and today at around 9 am, I found myself wallowing in a sticky vat of self-pity and ick when I really needed to get the lead out

I Love You.

I took a yoga class on Tuesday with one of my dearest, sweetest friends and teachers, Katie Hill. There was the usual invitation to set an intention, something I usually brush off with a bullshit thing like “I’ll be present each moment.” (which is not intrinsically bullshit, it’s just a cop out, rookie answer for

Crisis of Faith

I don’t believe in “God” in the traditional sense. I believe that each human is divine in a way. That we’re meeting god each time we interact with ourselves and each other. That prayer is in showing up to the energy that we create and converse with, often through emotions and physical experiences and human
My wonderful clients come in frequently after a brief (or not-so-brief) strength training hiatus, frantic to get back in the groove and worried they will have “lost” something. I have the same worry at times: What if I took all that time to reach this goal…and now it’s gone? But I’m learning something about skill:

What is Coaching?

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the past few months talking about “what I do.” Because I’m not really a personal trainer. And I’m not really a yoga teacher. Not a physical therapist. And definitely not a “therapist.” … so here’s the short version: I help people who are hurting in many different ways

Deadlifts and Life: Grind or Snap?

Doing heavy deadlifts was a little goofy for me after spending so much time swinging heavy kettlebells. In a swing, it’s a snap! Literally. You snap your hips and BAM. Lift accomplished. In a barbell deadlift, it takes a bit more stick-to-itiveness. You have to dig in your heels, keep your chest up and stay