10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

You know that dance-party, dumb-grin, twirl circles, hug-a-stranger kind of happy? We seek it out, like addicts tracking the sensation of elation and, when we’re not looking, we get it in these light-filled bursts of color and sensation and hope! Then we overshadow it (often immediately) with dread. Brene Brown, in Daring Greatly, calls this Foreboding

Magical Chicken Tortilla Soup

There’s something magical about the bare minimum.   I have an ingrained habit of overcommitting … even on a minute-by-minute basis. (This has actually made me chronically late for things, because I have an inflated sense of how much I can accomplish in a 10 minute period. My sincere apologies to everyone who’s dealt my

What Can We Do?

This is as close as I’ll get to a political post, probably ever. A couple facts (not the alternative kind)… I’m heartbroken and enraged by the things happening in my country and frightening the people I love.   I’m terrified by the Orwellian cast to the first month of 2017. I feel REALLYFUCKINGMOTIVATED to do

My Big Sur Tattoo

So I got this tattoo between June and August of last year… and I haven’t really shown it off, because I was a little bit afraid of the response to the fact that I’d covered most of the right side of my rib cage in ink. and because my previous body image sharknado – which

Comfort in Challenging Days

I LOVE Half Price Books. When I’m having a really bad day, I visit my friend Saht* at Steep and Brew for a latte, then sit cross-legged on the floor in the budget books section, drinking coffee and carefully selecting a stack of $2 novels based only on the title and cover art. A few

Dumpster Fire. At least it’s warm.

I asked my mom about sending out a snarky Christmas card last year that was exactly three sentences long, encapsulating the vortex of doom that was my 2016. She just sent back a photo saying it might just be an easier explanation.   Celebrity deaths and horrific political events aside, in 2016: 1. I admitted
I don’t make New Years resolutions. I gave up on them years ago when I realized that – like everyone else – I was bailing out by January 9th at 2 pm and was tired of feeling like a failure. I do, however, make little, insignificant changes my brain won’t even notice…like “take a Vitamin D


We all have these deep dark secrets that contradict everything we show to those around us.  Mine: I don’t hate winter. I have bitched and moaned and complained about winter VERY loudly on social media and to anyone that will listen to me bitch and moan… I moved from California screaming and kicking and holding

Take a G#/@!mn Vacation, Already!

I’ve always been a really fucking responsible human being. A few ill-advised frat party appearances in college aside, I make pretty damn adult decisions. I got straight A’s until college and have just one B and one C* (please read that footnote) on my undergrad transcript. Before I hit 24, I had worked on Capitol

i see you. can you see me?

what if we all wore signs around our necks? “the thought of asking for what i need completely cripples me.” we told those around us what we fear the most. “i worry that I don’t matter.” we were transparent about the things that make up our darkness. “i’m afraid you’ll shove me away if you