Trainer at Forest Coaching and Studio getting his pump on.
My desire to want to help others comes from exercising with my dad to help battle Multiple Sclerosis. At age 10, I was exposed to how much strengthening movement can help live a better quality of life. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the human body and have continually worked to expand my knowledge on
(I met Cari in the fall of 2013, when I had first moved to Madison. Since then, she and I have spent time on the yoga mat together, camping all over Wisconsin and eating a whole lot of snacks. I’m so excited to share her with you all!! -Annie) I’ve always felt the most alive
The cover for the book Hardwiring Hapiness
TRUTH: I really dislike the modern positive psychology movement. Here. I’ll say it : positive thinking doesn’t make you a better person! <ducks for cover> Making sure we only “think positive thoughts” or “feel high vibration feelings” diminishes the fertile ground of our dark places and – in my opinion – create shame around perfectly
Strength training is a wonderful tool for any woman.
When talking with a person who comes to me looking to make a positive change in their life, we listen closely to what they’re seeking, in their words, so we can formulate an action plan to help them achieve their desired outcome. Included in every one of our plans is some form of strength training
Forest Coaching and Studio has a different approach to training
If you’re struggling with feeling like there’s something wrong with you because the countless one-size-fits all, “do-or-die” training and fitness programs or strategies you’ve tried over many years just haven’t worked… my trainers and I want to first tell you: There is nothing wrong with you. You are whole. You are capable. You are worthy,
Real soultions for neck pain and back pain
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve suffered from chronic neck or back pain? Are you dealing with it now, or do you know someone who is? It SUCKS! It can be annoying at best or debilitating at worst. Really, not fun! Did you know that chronic pain actually affects more people in

My Favorite Apps for Habit Change

Life. For better or worse — I’ll rant about the glamorization of busy later — it’s crazy busy. (and I’m not even a parent. Seriously…how do you guys do that?) I know I tend to beat myself up when I set a goal and can’t even seem to manage an extra 30 seconds of breathing drills.

Effortless Healing

Touching in with the heart of pain is incredibly powerful and necessary work. But we – as a healing society – have a habit of poking the bear sometimes… treating the site of pain over and over until we can’t see past it. What if you could change your pain, your heartache, your habits with
Annie Forest Anxiety Blog
Quick thought for the day … Sometimes pain (physical pain, metabolic dysfunction or anxiety for the purposes of this post) can manifest simply because our fear responses are outweighing our joy responses! I offer this: Today or tomorrow or this week, instead of focusing on healing modalities for the suffering (drills or exercises or diets…)

State of the Forest 2018

Ya’ll (my mom’s from Kentucky, I’m allowed to say that)… I’m super excited for this year! 2017 taught me how to find joy laugh out loud and live unabashedly! I was able to break free of some deeply held beliefs about my heart, my business and how I relate to others, and I am so