When You’re Just Not Motivated

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A quick preamble: As holistic personal trainers, we’re primarily concerned with helping people move better in the world around them, so I’m going to aim this article in the direction of “How to get yourself to go to the gym when you really really REAAAAALLLY don’t want to but know you’d feel better after but

A New Lens for Personal Training

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In fall of this 2018, Cari attended Z Health’s R-Phase certification. This certification had created a “user manual” for all of my prior education and I was so excited for her to have that same lens for her expansive collection of experiences, coaching tools and education! Talking brains has become pretty common around here …

Change Your Habits with Meditation.

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I have a secret for you: 2019 is the year you figure out how to exercise regularly, fuel your body and do the things you know make you a better mom/dad/partner/business owner/team member!!! It may be your best year. Or your worst. But THIS is the year you learn to show up for yourself. This

Exercise and the Holidays

do you ever feel like this: “f*&# it. I’ll start next week / after Christmas / in January.” Friends, I work in the fitness industry. This is my JOB… and sometimes I want to just throw in the towel on the (VERY) reasonable goals I have for myself because schedules are crazy and it’s so

Your Brain on Holidays

I’m a heavy practitioner of boundaries and self awareness… but my biggest struggle around the holidays is guilt. Hard Core, Well-Tailored Guilt. Guilt for taking a day or two off from work. For not traveling to see one family member or another. For turning down offers from my local “family” in favor of just taking

3 Tips for a Mindful Thanksgiving

Do you struggle with feeling like Thanksgiving is just an energy drain and a source of stress? I struggled with this a lot in the past – reliving old patterns and fighting myself about food. But I’ve learned that Thanksgiving has the potential for being a positive and healthy event!!! Here are three ways I’ve turned
Coping with transitions
Create Energy In Transition Change is always happening, and although inevitable, big changes – including seasonal shifts – can be challenging to brains that crave predictability and stability. We so often look at transitions as a frustrating time of uncertainty … but there is space and rest and adjustment readily available between HERE and THERE.
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A couple weeks ago, I wrangled my recent growth down to about three steps. Full disclosure: I inadvertently stole one from Jen Sincero, and realized it when I went to write this review. Definitely hire a coach regardless of who told you to, but following through Jen’s HIRE A COACH push is literally what got

3 Steps to Accomplishing ANYTHING

I have so SO much to share with you all in the coming months… It’s been a crazy few years with so many changes internally and in the world and I want to start by sharing the biggest most importantest thing I’ve learned through my divorce, my journey back into full-time coaching after closing a
Artwork for the book Daring Greatly.
In 2016, in the middle of my divorce, I grabbed my highlighter, snuggled up on my couch and set about to seek bravery and a new sense of vulnerability and hope with Brene Brown! I made it exactly one chapter before slamming it shut and stuffing it in the back of my bookshelf with a