holiday triggers
Do the holidays leave you feeling scared? Overwhelmed? Feeling out of control of behaviors and thoughts you’d LONG since thought you’d conquered? For anyone with a stressful job, lots to do or a family history that has left them with some wounds, the demands and people associated with the holidays can be triggering. One minute,
I talked last week about this ONE WORD that’s sabotaging your fitness goals, and can’t begin to tell you how powerful it’s been to replace that word (and all its sneaky friends) with something better. You know the the “FIND AND REPLACE” function in a word processor? (No? Yeah. Me neither until a week ago.)
The power of one word to dismantle all your efforts.
body love in mirror
Hi. I love you. Please stop trying to substitute a different body for a healed heart.

Health is in CONNECTION

Are you one of the millions of us staring down a long term goal of (emotional or physical) strength or weight loss or healing? Or the daunting task of parenting or business ownership or walking through big things? How many times have you felt desperately alone in your journey? Yeah. I’m with you. We are

Why We Feel Like Failures.

to get straight to the point … so many of us feel like failures because these days, there’s only one other option. I finally got words for some of this listening to Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness — a pointed look at how we’ve become a culture of “other-ing.” Due in large part to social

Summertime Low Back Pain?

Every year around this time, we see a influx of pretty healthy humans coming in with weird knee, hip and low back pain … the culprit? SANDAL-ITIS! Boots and closed toe shoes get kicked to the curb, replaced with flip flops and cute sandals, leaving recently restricted foot and ankle muscles confused and under-activated. If
Hey! You! If no one has told you today: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU are already an athlete. YOU are amazing! That’s not the underlying message the fitness industry is sharing on social media and in the gym, is it? Fitness industries and professionals, how they communicate with clients, and how media and corporations alter the

Chronic Shoulder Pain

In 2014, I almost quit lifting kettlebells and practicing yoga. Despite (insanely) correct technique and posture… massage, chiropractic care, self-tissue work, and rehab exercises I was in so much pain that some days I couldn’t function. My neck, shoulder and arm were constantly on fire, I couldn’t turn my head without pain and workouts cost

fall asleep (and stay asleep)

Do you sleep well most of the time? Wake up feeling like you got enough sleep most mornings? Not me. I don’t ever remember being a person who slept hard or consistently, and I legit zombie-walked through about decade of rock star-level insomnia from 2007-2017. Meditation, Reiki, reading a book, sleep podcasts, audio books… they