Annie Forest is a squashy-hearted bad ass who loves Chuck Taylors, tattoos and walking alongside people on their healing journey to strength. Specializing in the neurology and physiology of change, Annie works with humans suffering from chronic pain and with athletes of all shapes and sizes … anyone who is courageous enough to hope for strength and to love themselves at a deeper level.

A Strong First Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and ZHealth Practitioner, Annie has brought thousands of hours of coaching to clients and students across the country. In private sessions, she blends strength training and corrective exercise, neurological drills and life coaching tailored to meet each client’s needs. Her unique group coaching sessions and workshops are an energetic flow of education and practice designed to help each participant feel connected and empowered to make changes in their lives and bodies.

“Most people who have plateaued or are experiencing pain struggle to see themselves and their potential clearly. I don’t see it as much job to fix them. My role is a curious observer, an accurate mirror and a source of hope for them in the dark times. I’m there to hold accountability, celebrate each victory and make sure they have plenty of gym chalk available!"

It all comes down to three complementary and necessary pieces...

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