Effortless Healing

Touching in with the heart of pain is incredibly powerful and necessary work. But we – as a healing society – have a habit of poking the bear sometimes… treating the site of pain over and over until we can’t see past it. What if you could change your pain, your heartache, your habits with
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Quick thought for the day … Sometimes pain (physical pain, metabolic dysfunction or anxiety for the purposes of this post) can manifest simply because our fear responses are outweighing our joy responses! I offer this: Today or tomorrow or this week, instead of focusing on healing modalities for the suffering (drills or exercises or diets…)

State of the Forest 2018

Ya’ll (my mom’s from Kentucky, I’m allowed to say that)… I’m super excited for this year! 2017 taught me how to find joy laugh out loud and live unabashedly! I was able to break free of some deeply held beliefs about my heart, my business and how I relate to others, and I am so
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for the past year, I have been playing with different ways to offer movement coaching online…PDF documents, a training library with a password, an online training app, teleportation or astral projection… and they’ve all been a bit of a bust for me. Pictured: my iPhone’s “PHOTOS” collection. You can see that it is full of
Something was wrong. Something big. And I couldn’t put my finger on it until I realized that I was hiding a big part of myself from the world and – really – from myself. My work, my life and my identity would need to be unearthed and rebuilt, and I had no idea where to

I Believe In Singing

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.” ― Mary Oliver shorty blog update to let you know: a. HUGE changes coming to the website, coaching stuff and more! stay tuned… b. I’m teaching yoga again… schedule TBD but I’m SUPER excited. c. Last week’s playlist is below
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We’re really good at going all Indiana Jones on our own suffering We’ll dig for months to pry out the reason for that prickle of anxiety or spike of sadness… (and that’s assuming we’ve moved past the “why did I do that dumb thing” into “oh. I feel that annoying thing again” which takes a

Low Volume Training

Quick hello / post to jump back on the writing wagon now that I’m back from Peru / back in my apartment from a house sitting stint / no longer losing copious amounts of fluid each day via blowing my nose (stupid head cold.) Will be back to regularly scheduled posting now!! SO. I was

Tiny Habit Finder!

My name is Annie, and I’m a perfectionist. I’m not the kind of perfectionist who wins gold medals (I took 3rd place in the regional spelling bee several times) and has multiple graduate degrees (I have a Bachelor’s in PR from a state school in Arizona)… I’m the kind that suffers from crippling procrastination because


Fragmentation is a tough place to live. But how do we integrate? I’ve taught yoga from a deep space of energetic intuition and mindfulness. I coach strength from a wide base of science and mechanics. Metabolics have always been a weird subset of the two… so it’s been a challenge to incorporate them for many